Andrew S. Griffith, DBA, EA, CIA, CFE

Admitted to practice before the Internal Revenue Service

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Dr. Griffith began his adventure into private practice during March 2004 when several people insisted that he provide some income tax and consulting services to them for compensation. Dr. Griffith's had a wide-array of experiences through this adventure. He's passed on some opportunities because of the timing (such as a speaking tours in Dubai and parts of India). And others have had such timing that has allowed him to fully immerse himself into the projects. His clients have come from all parts of the United States and many places outside of the United States. Currently, he serves as an author of articles, guest lecturer/speaker, and consultant.

Over the years, Dr. Griffith's learned a lot along the way and has always been willing to help others on their journey through life. He appreciates you taking the time to explore his site and learn more about him and some of what he does here to make the world a better place.

When Dr. Griffith began this website, he did not anticipate that thousands of people from over 100 countries (representing every continent except Antarctica) would find the content he placed on his site of value to them. Some of the content posted on this website has been incorporated into discussions by various programs at some academic institutions (including some doctoral programs in Europe). If there is some specific content that you'd like to see appear on this website, please feel free to make a suggestion.